Energy products and services

Statkraft is one of the main traders within the European power market. We also operate on the financial market.

  • Price area and local currency hedging

    Through Statkraft Financial Energy, Statkraft offers price-hedging contracts for electricity, electricity certificates, CO2 /CERS, Guarantees of Origin, Bra miljöval certification and so forth, in various currencies.

  • Cross commodity and fuel price hedging

    Energy products like oil, gas, coal and power are traded physically and financially.

  • Virtual power plants and gas storage

    On the basis of Statkraft’s presence on the European energy market, and its power plant and asset fleet in the Nordic and Continental Europe, the company actively trades Virtual power plants (VPPs) and gas storage products.

  • Electricity certificates

    Our subsidiary company, Statkraft Financial Energy, is one of Sweden’s largest players in the market for Swedish electricity certificates.

  • Small scale hydropower and wind power

    In the Nordic Region, there is a great potential for small-scale hydro production and wind power. If you are developing such a project, then Statkraft can help you secure future income.

  • Energy services

    Statkraft Energiservice is a service proposition for large industrial enterprises, where Statkraft can help you with a multitude of tasks.

  • Analysis and consulting services

    Statkraft offers analysis, risk management, procurement and optimization strategies.

  • UK Power Purchase Agreements

    Statkraft is a leading provider of short and long term power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the UK. Our portfolio comprises of almost 300 generators delivering over 10 TWh per annum. Our offer is suitable for all generation technologies, all financing models and all contract tenors.