Energy services

People at a trade desk

Statkraft Energiservice is a service proposition for large industrial enterprises, where Statkraft can help you with a multitude of tasks.

You can entrust all your routine tasks associated with physical power supply (spot trading, managing imbalances and other administration of electricity trading) to Statkraft as a professional partner. We are a trustworthy bilateral party for risk management and trading in the financial power market, and we also provide neutral market information so that you will have full insight into developments on the power market. Many industrial enterprises seek special solutions adapted to the needs of the company, rather than trading standardised products on the power exchange.

Statkraft offers:

  • A review of your existing power portfolio
  • Specific advice on the adaptation of delivery portfolios
  • Contracts based on non-standard time horizons (you can choose the date and time)
  • Contracts based on consumption profiles (delivery according to your company's consumption profile)
  • Contracts based on currencies (NOK, SEK or EUR)
  • Hedging of prices for local delivery (area price)

Statkraft can help your company:

  • finding power contracts that are suitable for your company
  • exploit the entire potential of your existing power contracts
  • exploit the power market in a more flexible manner
  • finding power contracts that allow or limit price exposure