Small scale hydropower and wind power

Vågaåna power station, in Rogaland, Norway

Vågaåna power station, in Rogaland, Norway. Produce 9,3 GWh

In the Nordic Region, there is a great potential for small-scale hydro production and wind power. If you are developing such a project, then Statkraft can help you secure future income.

Power plant development is a capital intensive endeavour that requires good project and risk management, and long-term access to capital. A bank offering a loan to a developer will be highly focused on future income.
A sure way to convince the bank about the soundness of a project is to refer to a power purchase contract with Statkraft!

Statkraft can support a project by buying a percentage of the running production at a fixed price for a period of up to ten years. Statkraft is a financially secure company that can guarantee payments at the right time. Statkraft can handle balancing, settlement and payments on behalf of the production plant owner.