Virtual power plants and gas storage

Hay field and windmills

On the basis of Statkraft’s presence on the European energy market, and its power plant and asset fleet in the Nordic and Continental Europe, the company actively trades Virtual power plants (VPPs) and gas storage products.

These contracts are tuned to the risk preferences and desired commodity exposures of each individual counterparty.

VPPs are a form of power delivery contract. They provide the buyer with the option to optimize a fictitious power plant without the technical risks and operational procedures involved in running a real-life plant. VPPs are an exquisite means of balancing out the fuel exposure of a company’s portfolio and of extracting value through superior optimization of the plant.

In the same way, gas storage products may replicate a physical gas storage position while being handled as a pure trading product. This allows for flexibly injecting and withdrawing gas according to the user’s needs or to optimize commercially.