Statkraft is one of the largest participants in the European wholesale electricity markets. We trade power in more than 20 European countries.

This means we are active at the following power exchanges:

  • Nordpool (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark)
  • EPEX (Germany, France, Switzerland)
  • EEX (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Nordics)
  • EXAA (Austria)
  • APX (Netherlands, UK)
  • Belpex (Belgium)
  • N2EX (UK)
  • OMIE (Spain)
  • OTE (Czech Republic)
  • OKTE (Slovakia)
  • BSP South Pool (Slovenia)
  • Opcom (Romania)
  • HUPX (Hungary)
  • PMUM (Turkey)
  • LAGIE (Greece)
  • SEEPEX (Serbia)
  • IBEX (Bulgaria)

The power deliveries we trade range from day-ahead over the next months and quarters to the next three to five years. The most common, “standard” products are base and peak deliveries.When it comes to longer-term deliveries, Statkraft is active both in Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading of physically delivered forward contracts and in exchange-based trading of financial futures.The wholesale market for power is more attractive the more players participate and the more business partners Statkraft has. Thus we encourage you to start taking up power and energy trading in general with us! You will find the right contact person to start dealing with us on our contacts page.