Statkraft is active in environmental markets and offers its customers different renewable energy certificates and trades carbon emissions certificates.

Renewable electricity certificates

Renewable electricity certificates represent the environmental attributes of the electricity generated from renewable energy sources. The primary use of Guarantees of Origins (GOs) is to disclose an energy supplier’s renewable energy share. In 2009, the European Union made it compulsory to use GOs to track and disclose renewable energy.

Thanks to Statkraft’s vast array of power plants generating renewable energy, we can offer GOs that – in addition to the origin verification – comply with requirements that make them eligible for special green products.

In addition to GOs for energy disclosure, Statkraft engages in other voluntary and compliance schemes such as Renewable Obligation Certificates in the UK.

Carbon emissions certificates

Statkraft’s power plant portfolio consists of environmentally-friendly and low-emission power generation facilities. Our engagement in the carbon market stems from a general belief in environmental markets and the importance we place on understanding the influence of carbon quotas on other commodities. Based on this rationale, Statkraft was an early entrant in the European Union Emission Trading Scheme as well as the Clean Development Mechanism. Today, we are active in the North American carbon market as well.

In addition to creating tailor-made products to facilitate the management of carbon positions, providing market access to counterparties and offering portfolio optimizing structured deals, Statkraft trades the following carbon credits:

  • European Union Allowances (EUA)
  • Certified Emission Reductions (CER)
  • European Aviation Allowances (EUAA)
  • Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER)
  • California Carbon Allowance (CCA)
  • California Carbon Offsets (CCO)
  • Regional Greenhouse Allowance (RGA)